RAL7000STUDIO y Bershka lanzan un zueco avant-garde y sostenible

RAL7000STUDIO es un espacio creativo con sede en Italia cuyo foco es la creación de ideas que se materializan en objetos o proyectos innovadores. El estudio está principalmente especialización en footwear y la innovación dentro de este campo con la creatividad, la sostenibilidad y la tecnología como hilo conector de sus proyectos. 

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Con la premisa de la democratización de la moda, Bershka y RAL7000STUDIO nos sorprenden con una colaboración que se convierte en un oxímoron entre la naturaleza y el diseño contemporáneo. Hemos hablado con los chicos de RAL7000STUDIO sobre moda, diseño y esta nueva colaboración:

Gara Argones – How RAL7000STUDIO was born? And with which purpose? 

RAL7000STUDIO – RAL7000STUDIO has been launched by Marco Simonetti, Michael Cutini and Mattias Gollin in June 2021. After 3 seasons together, we mutually understaff that we had the chance to join forces as business partners to play a different game on a higher level. This naturally led us to surrounding our studio with people who complement and improve ourselves, to create something bigger all together day after day.

G. A. – What’s is the MOTO of RAL7000STUDIO?

RAL7000STUDIO – Our moto at RAL7000STUDIO is “from community to community”. This is based on the fact that we see ourselves as a tiny community of talented designers / footwear experts, willing to give back to our community / fan base great ideas and products. This is the main reason why we decided to recently launch a new brunch of the studio called RAL7000ITEMS, a brand new B2C e-commerce platform with a finest selection of items designed, developed and independently sold to our community by RAL7000STUDIO.

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G. A. – What do you think about the actual scene of footwear? 

RAL7000STUDIO – At RAL7000STUDIO, we strongly believe there is a huge potential for independent projects to penetrate the market moving forward. R&D and innovation (technology, new materials / techniques, supply chain, sustainability..) will have a key role, together with the direct relationship a brand should be able to establish with the final consumer. 

G. A. – How the collab with Bershka was born? What was the starting point? 

RAL7000STUDIO – RAL7000STUDIO and Bershka decided to join forces, mainly to share a cross-cultural program where design shape brings new horizon of the extended reality. Embracing the trend of the meta-verse, where everything is made possible through the exasperation of gestures and shapes, the project features the avant-guard design elements showed only through the display where everything seems unrealizable. Thepartnership aims to break down digital barriers by bringing the product off the screen and making it completely tangible and interactive in real life, gaining credibility both in the physical world and online. The RAL7000STUDIO x BERSHKA collaboration begins from a careful observation of reality, which is converted into an inclusive vision that aims to make accessible design fitting the needs of an innovation-conscious audience within the fashion industry.

G. A. –  Could you explain in therms of creativity and product design the most valuable attributes of the collab (product)? 

RAL7000STUDIO – The project features a contemporary and cutting-edge design that takes into consideration the concept of cultural aesthetic from the collective imaginary. RAL7000STUDIO and Bershka are about to unveil a clog with sculptural volume defined by organic lines from natural elements that could be seen as an oxymoron. What seemingly looks like a hand-carved block of stone turns out to be an extremely lightweight and comfy creation thanks to the collaboration with XL EXTRALIGHT®.

G. A. –  What “from prototyping to production” means? 

RAL7000STUDIO – There are many steps between the initial concept and the final product. At RAL7000STUDIO we carefully follow-up each one directly. As soon as the final design is confirmed, we usually move onto the prototyping phase to physically create the product from the final 2D or 3D model. It usually takes many round of revisions to fine tune the product, before moving forward with bulk production. 

G. A. – Regarding sustainability how using XL EXTRALIGHT impacts on the planet? (please tell us something about this new material/technology) 

RAL7000STUDIO – The product features a unique compound called SUSTAINABLE+, one of the latest technology developed by XL EXTRALIGHT® composed of 51% pre-consumer industrial waste. This makes each single pair unique due to the uneven surface and the random distribution of the recycled parts across the product.

G. A. – It’s a reality that the fashion industry (and specially the footwear industry) needs to make a change in terms of sustainability. Regarding this, there are some tips for the brands and/or the customers that you want to share with us? 

RAL7000STUDIO – At RAL7000STUDIO, we strongly believe in R&D and innovation applied to the product development / manufacturing process. We suggest all the brands to find a way to create a link between the past and the future, between the traditional footwear making process and the latest futuristic technologies applied to the footwear industry. We don’t really know how the sneaker design will evolve in the future in terms of sustainability, but we are 100% sure 3D printing will have a huge role moving forward. 

Bershka lanzará oficialmente la colaboración en una combinación de colores única el 14 de septiembre en bershka.com y el 16 en tiendas seleccionadas.

Gara Argones @garargones